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Case Clicker for PC - Windows 7/8/10

case clicker for pc download

Before we start, watch out! Case Clicker Pc is an addictive game! And here you will learn how to download and play it for computer.

What is Case Clicker for PC?

Case Clicker for Pc is a windows version of this great phone app where is a Counter Strike GO case opening simulator. For the ones who is not familiarized, in Counter Strike GO, there’s a gambling feature where you buy keys with real money, and use that to open cases/boxes in order to get skins for weapons or knifes. Those skins change your ingame model but don’t bring any advantage for the user, but still worth a lot of money. You can pay 3 dollars to buy a key and get a knife skin to sell for more than 1k at the market! That’s what made CS:GO so addictive and that’s exactly what Case Clicker for Pc does. You click a button to get money, buy keys and open cases, get more money, get more updates and keep going till you get the bests cases to get the rarest skins.

How to Download Case Clicker PC?

Here’s a step to step tutorial to install Case Clicker pc and start to play it.
First click on any download link to do to the download page.
After downloaded, install and keep following these images to sync your account.

Tips and Tricks for Case Clicker for PC

If you don’t want to get through the boring part of this game, we suggest you to buy an inapp pack to upgrade and start from a better cases, this way you don’t need to grind from zero.
Be patient. This kind of game is based on lucky to drop good skins and in time, to keep clicking to get more money. To help you all, we will give to you an auto clicker, so you don’t need to waste time and mouse ticks to get money.
Upgrade the perk to get more chance to drop knifes skins. We all know that knifes are the rarest thing you could drop, also the most valuable too. Getting knifes often will make you a nice bunch of money.
Before you get afk, don’t forget to activate the auto earning tool. This way you will get a little money while not playing.
Don’t waste time opening tier down cases when you can get a better one. Focus on cases that you know you will get some rarer skin, this will optimize your time and money, letting you get to the rarer cases faster.
Sell your loot! Don’t keep with all those skins, think it as an investment. You main objective is to get far faster. Later you can just buy them with the money you will get.
Watch those videos ads. They will give you cases to open and some buffs, like the ones that earns you double coin per tap. Do it every time you can.
Play Case Clicker for Pc and use a macro to click and open cases in background, it can kill a little of the fun, but don’t made you bored fast. Also don’t forget to download Case Clicker on your computer to play with your mouse!

How to profit on CS:GO, and why Case Clicker for PC are so addictive

If you are a counter strike player, you know that this case fever is what make players inject money on this game and also what gives valve some profit. The real problem is what comes next. Players who’s manages to get a nice skin, could sell it on steam market, but, they will not pay real money, instead, those players get credits to buy others steam games or do ingame purchases. So, to take real money from skins, players started to sell them on the forums, doing transactions through paypal, and this is where the problem happens. Some players used to buy and get skins, but when received, they opened a refund on paypal, getting money back and staying with skins. To escape from those problems, now we have sites that acts like a house merchant for those skins. Those sites register sellers skins, and buy them when they find a buyer. Doing that, the site will only give the skin when seller gets the money. But if you are not a lucky or rich guy, you can emulate this operation on Case Clicker for pc, the game acts like a merchant, and you can be the seller and buyer. All you need is to tap and evolve to access better cases and get rarer skins. Note that you will not make real money from Case Clicker for computer installer, it’s only ingame cash, so don’t play it thinking to get rich trading skins! Also if you want more players to trade skins, fell free to leave a comment asking for add!

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